Measuring Your Website`s web-host performance

By Anna

Web host can have an impact on your ability to get found on search engines and has an impact on your website’s performance. Here are a few metrics that you should be measuring for your website that can be affected by your web host provider.

1. Site Speed – Site speed has an impact on your ability to load a page which can encourage people to bounce to a different website as well as your ability to be found on Google. How fast your page loads can be impacted by three things: how much content you have on the website such as videos and images, how well you have optimized your website code and more importantly what web host you are using. You can use either Google’s page speed tool or to check your website’s speed.

2. Uptime – The worst thing that can happen to your website is have your website be down due to your web hosts issue. While it is impossible to get to 100% uptime, when your website is always on, 99% is very common. While 99% does not sound bad, consider that time is money if your website is down 1% of the year, that would mean your website would be down almost 4 days! There are a few services that will monitor your website’s uptime, some are free while others can be pricey. Prior to signing up to any webhost it is a good idea to ask them what their uptime is.

3. Storage Capacity
- When you first sign up for webhosting you may have a simple website in mind, maybe even a simple one-page design. But what happens when you want to post and host your own video library, want to add a daily blog posts and add other widgets that may increase your storage?

You may find that while you have enough storage your site speed starts to decrease as you constantly are adding new assets to your website. If that is the case it is a good idea to optimize your website. However, if you did optimize it, it may just be that you are at capacity or are a close to reaching it. How easy is it to add more storage and at what price are the two questions that should be considered when signing up for web hosting or when planning your site design.

There are other factors that impact your website’s performance that is attributed to your web hosting and that includes security features, server location and dedicated servers.

About the author
Anna Kayfitz is a consultant for StrategicDB, a consulting company focused on adding insights to your marketing.

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