Why you should go for cloud hosting?

By PritiSheti

Cloud computing is a type of computing based on internet. In the past, when we had to run applications or program in a software, we were required to download the software in a physical computer or server that would take the process further. Cloud allows users to access the similar applications through the internet.

Cloud has been a big boom in the business as well due to its ability to deliver enterprise-level solutions at cost that is moderate enough. Cloud hosting can make big difference for start-up firms given that it can get your business up and running instantly with minimal up-front capital expenditure. With cloud, business leaders don`t have to worry about running short on resources at it lets you scale resource capacity as per your requirements. Thus, we say cloud grows with your growing business.

Here is why you should consider cloud solutions.


As we said, cloud computing grows with your needs and best suits businesses with fluctuating IT requirements. Cloud lets you scale up your resource capacity when required and if you need to scale down, the flexibility feature is brought it. This prompt responsiveness to IT requirements is a major advantage of cloud solutions and this is what drives in more customers to adopt cloud-based services.

Economies of scale

Cloud eliminates investing on hardware equipment and upgrades. With its pay as you go model, you pay only for the resources you`ve used, thus increasing cost-efficiency. This makes your business more Opex model than capital-intensive cost model.

Auto software updates

Keeping a check on your server and IT resources is not time-consuming but expensive as well. When you have a business to run, managing the infrastructure round-the-clock becomes even more complicated. Cloud servers are based off-premise and service providers takes care of these hardware and upgrades that also includes security updates. So you don`t have to worry about its maintenance as everything is being managed by highly skilled professionals that gives you time to focus on your business. 

Document control

Traditionally, if you wanted to share files, the most easiest and quickest option available was email. As organizations were collaborating more on documents, there was a need for better document control. But with merely any efficient approaches, employees usually ended up with a deal of conflicting data. Most of these employees collaborate with partners in different time zones and regions; however, now with cloud solutions, all these files are stored centrally that gives visibility to all. This means collaboration and promotes better working environment. Cloud solution is a more streamlined approach for collaboration among employees and partners.

Reduced carbon footprint

Using data center services from third-party service gives you an opportunity to take advantage of the latest energy-efficient approaches. As multiple clients are hosted on a single server, the amount of energy used is considerably less, thus reducing carbon footprint. Moreover, customers have the flexibility to scale resource capacity that cut-down energy requirements and prevents extreme carbon release. Thus, it is counted as an eco-friendly hosting approach.

To sum it up, these facts are enough to convince clients to make the big move and get on cloud to reap the benefits. But it wouldn`t be fair to say that cloud is the solution for every businesses` requirements and if you want to make an informed choice, you`ll have to take into consideration certain drawbacks of cloud services as well. For example, if a legacy application is designed for dedicated server, then it might be best to run it on a dedicated hardware as it would be difficult to move it on cloud and run it there. Similarly, if you business demands high-level security, dedicated server would be the best choice as it offer optimum security compliance.

Yet, if you consider cloud, hybrid cloud service makes it all even easier by combining public cloud with private cloud and offering high-level security solutions along with other essentials. So what you can do is run confidential data on private cloud and use public cloud for less important data and applications. These flexibility of cloud services is what attracting more and more customers and leading to a great increase in cloud adoption.

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