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Common Mistakes When Registering Domain Names

By dotservant

A lot of small business choose to outsource their website design and  hosting work to other web design firms, some may even choose to outsource the work to freelancers, that is perfectly ok since it can be costly to maintain an in-house staff for just that purpose if the intention is to build just a simple online presence for the business. However, most of these small business owners tends to make some common mistakes.

Forgotten to register the domain name personally

This is the most commonly made mistakes, small business owners are very busy, and they usually let everything to be done by the outsourced party. This can be a risky approach and may eventually lead to domain name ownership issues if the business relationship with the outsourced partner suddenly turned sour. It should be noted that domain registrar will only recognize the person that is paying for the domain name as the domain name owner, since you have let your outsource partner to register the domain name for you, they are recognized by the domain registrar as the domain name instead of you. We have seen way too many such cases, it is advisable to register the domain name personally to avoid these sort of ownership issues. This apply to the domain hosting service as well if you are working with freelancers, you should register the domain hosting account yourself and only provide minimum access to the outsourced partner, this can avoid loosing important data if you have suddenly lost contact with the freelancer.

Avoid register trademarked domain names

Although having a commonly know brandname as your domain name can save you lots of advertising dollars, it can lead to trademark issues and ended up loosing your entire business. Make sure you are well aware of this and avoid making such mistakes.

Update domain name contact info and billing info

Eventhough you have registered your domain under your own name, to avoid trouble, make sure you have an updated contact email and an active card registered in the domain registrar, this can save you a lot of trouble when the domain name is due for renewal, we have seen lots of people loosing their domain name becuase they no longer have access to the contact email to receive the domain renewal notice, as well as getting login info to update card info for the renewal.

Renew your domain on time

Make sure you remember the renewal dateline and renew the domain before it reaches the due date, some domain registrars charge extra to re-activate an expired domain name, and if the domain is not renew within certain period, it will be released out to public for registration, that means you may loose the ownership of the domain name.

About the author
Foong is a Technical Coordinator of website hosting services, he has 17 years of working experience in IT related field, including a 7 years of exposure in a Linux based shared hosting environment. web hosting services has been providing friendly and professional website hosting services since 2000, focusing on Linux based shared hosting with support for PHP MySQL, and a personalized support service.

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