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Domain Extensions: Will the New TLDs Become Mainstream?

By PritiSheti

Buying a new website is not easy these days, where most of the good domain names are already been taken. That`s happening to all of us. We try purchasing a .com domain and it says that the name is not available. Sad, but true. Then we have to come up with something unique that will befit our business and represent our brand name and that`s simply not easy.

Fortunately, there are some big changes happening in the field of domains that are likely to make domain registration a lot easier. The new innovation has brought in hundreds of new domain endings that are an excellent alternative to the traditional dot com domain. Let`s take a closer look at how things have taken new turns and TLDs will be like.

Dot com was a leader back then

Although there were multiple other options aside from dot com such as .net, .org, etc. people still wanted to go for .com domains, which was comparatively expensive to the alternatives. Since the inception of the Internet, .com has remained to be the most preferred Top-Level Domain (TLD) because that is what people recognize easily. Another interesting part is that .com domain has turned a default status in people`s mind because they use .com when finding a specific URL and this becomes somewhat problematic for the evolving TLDs.

Now buying the domain of your choice is expensive as well as most of them are taken and you`ll have to wear your creative hat to come up with a creative name that could cost you low or shell out bucks to purchase the domain name you desire. For instance, was purchased for $18 million in 2009, while Facebook bought the domain name for $8.5 million in 2010.

Web Hosting and New TLDs

Organizations that are new to the web hosting world will get to enjoy the evolved domain market and they really need not be concerned a lot about acronyms such as `ICANN` and `TLD`. But they still must analyze the current trends and understand the phase of evolution like what exactly brought things at this stage. 

The changes in the domain world has now enabled companies to create a domain name of their dreams as they can use the new TLDs and purchase the particular domain needed. After ICANN removed a number of restrictions imposed on the formation of new TLDs, hundered of new extensions were made available in the next couple of years. Now users can create a domain name of their choice related to technology, hobbies, geographical location, etc. Some domain extensions that went on to become popular includes .dentist, .academy, .gallery, .guru, etc. This further allowed web hosting service providers to offers services to a large group.

Apart from that you can do one more additional thing to create your domain. For instance, if is already taken then get a bit creative and add number, location, hypen and so on to establish your domain such as, and so on.

About the author
Online Marketing Head at Web Werks.

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