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Alternative Promotion Techniques for Hosting Companies

By Admin

Successful hosting companies tend to be creative and unique organizations. 

On the contrary, hosts that plaster message boards with cheesy offers, hosts that claim to offer the world to their clients for a few dollars a month, and even the ones with the lovely fake testimonials and canned website templates, tend to fail.

Being creative at this stage in the hosting industry is vital to success. Simply put, traditional promotion techniques just don`t work anymore. Companies that succeed generally share on thing on common: they instill trust and confidence in their customers. Their clients don`t lose sleep over the security of their data, because they know it`s in good hands.

Achieving client trust, and attracting new clients, can be done in a variety of unique ways. Press releases are one such way.

Let your clients learn!

In some situations, banner advertisements that instruct people to sign up with a specific company, work just fine, and yield a promising return on investment (ROI). In most situations however, banner advertising is equivalent throwing away money. 

People like to learn about products and services, and then make a decision regarding whether or not to buy. Articles about a company, in particular, articles about a specific product, enable them to do so.

Getting journalists to discover a particular company or product, and write about it, is not an easy thing to do. That`s why some of the most successful hosting and web development companies assist them – via press releases.

An article that explains it all

Press releases are essentially a news article – but it is written by the company it is about. Once written, the article is then distributed to news organizations and editors. Some news outlets will chose to publish releases in their entirety, and others will write their own articles based off them. In all cases, successful press releases raise awareness about a specific company or product.

The cost is also minimal. With companies specializing in press releases for the web hosting industry charging as little as $75 for writing and distribution, it`s considerably cheaper than banner or text link advertising. Hosts also benefit in other ways.

According to nearly all search engine optimization experts, one of the best things a site can do to increase web traffic, is to increase the number of inbound text links it has. Press releases for internet companies, in almost all cases, contain several text links. This means, wherever a press release is published, a new inbound text link is created.

Write it well

Novices to the web journalism industry are not encouraged to write press releases. Despite the immense benefits of a well written release, poorly written releases can have negative effects. Editors of news organizations often have a short fuse – and getting on their bad side is a recipe for getting ignored forever.

When looking for somebody to write a press release, opt for somebody who can claim experience in the hosting industry. Press releases vary in style for each industry, so its best to find somebody with experience. Happy surfing! 

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