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Business Tools

TheWebHostBiz Business Tools section offers access to listings of service providers for companies seeking infrastructure setup services such as toll free numbers, Internet fax providers, US bank account providers, mail forwarding services and US Company Incorporation.
Internet Fax Provider
TheWebHostBiz Internet Fax Provider section listings offer access to the industry's top Internet fax providers.
Mail Forwarding
TheWebHostBiz Mail Forwarding section provides a listing of an assortment of mail forwarding solutions providers.
Toll Free Numbers
TheWebHostBiz Toll Free Numbers section offers a list of companies that can provide a toll free number or related telecom services.
US Bank Accounts
TheWebHostBiz US Bank Accounts section is a listing of companies offering bank account setup services in the United States for international companies.
US Company Incorporation
TheWebHostBiz US Company Incorporation section offers a listing of companies that can help with US incorporation and other international business services.

Business Tools FAQs

Business Tools Articles
I have an international company. Can I get a US based bank account?
Mail Forwarding... Why would you do it?
First of all when you think about tampering with mail such as remailing, forwarding etc. you think ...
Customer Satisfaction Is Your Business
Regardless of what business you are in - you are really in the business of satisfying customers. ...
Be Nice to Web Hosting Support
I like to keep an eye on some of the larger forums and message boards who`s subjects are about Web ...
Web Host Ethics
Okay, I`ve had to change web hosts half a dozen times in the last year and I`ve noticed a pattern. ...
The More, The Better. Why Web Hosts Should Spread Their Customers Across Servers
Hosting is a tough business primarily because it a 24x7 business. The servers, bandwidth etc. ...

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