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Hosting Automation - Web Hosting Control Panels

TheWebHostBiz Control Panel directory features the latest web space management tools from the world's industry leading automation software makers.

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ChalaHost - Paid Hosting
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In contrast with a free hosting service, a paid hosting service offers all the features that are at a limited capacity or not available with the latter. A paid plan is ideal for individuals who are ... more about ChalaHost

Paid Hosting / Platform Version: Not specified
Paid Hosting / Price: $2.99
Paid Hosting / Platform: Not specified
Next Point Host - PHP variable manager
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We provide our own PHP variable manager with all our cPanel plans, which allows you to change the PHP version per folder. This automation makes easy updates separate fragments of your website.

PHP variable manager / Platform Version: Not specified
PHP variable manager / Price: -
PHP variable manager / Platform: Linux
Biztology - Cube Panel
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The solution for the complete automation of your servers. Manage your resources in a fast, simple and intuitive way at very competitive prices. Offer a quality service and improve your brand image ... more about Biztology

Cube Panel / Platform Version: 2.1
Cube Panel / Price: $100
Cube Panel / Platform: Linux (FC3, RHE 3 & 4
InterWorx - InterWorx-CP
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The InterWorx Control Panel (InterWorx-CP) is a dedicated server control panel and web hosting automation system. It provides a clean, consistent interface to your dedicated server through NodeWorx, ... more about InterWorx

InterWorx-CP / Platform Version: Not specified
InterWorx-CP / Price: $294.95
InterWorx-CP / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Others
Hosting Controller - Hosting Controller
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Hosting Controller is the pioneer software for Windows web hosting automation and is proud to keep its tradition with the announcement of Hosting Controller v.6.1 which is multi-lingual, XP Style, ... more about Hosting Controller

Hosting Controller / Platform Version: 6.1
Hosting Controller / Price: $500
Hosting Controller / Platform: Windows
ZOMOS Corporation - Zomos Server Controls
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Zomos Server Controls allow you to let server administrators, resellers and end users control virtually all aspects of web hosting. Zomos Server Controls has advanced features for each access level. ... more about ZOMOS Corporation

Zomos Server Controls / Platform Version: --
Zomos Server Controls / Price: $2300
Zomos Server Controls / Platform: Linux (Red Hat 7.x, 9.0)
JBMC Software - DirectAdmin
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Ease of use. DirectAdmin is the easiest to use control panel, period. Speed. DirectAdmin is programmed to be the fastest running control panel available. Stability. DirectAdmin avoids ... more about JBMC Software

DirectAdmin / Platform Version: 1.242
DirectAdmin / Price: $299
DirectAdmin / Platform: Linux (7.2, 8.0
Positive Software Corporation - H-SPHERE
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H-Sphere is a scalable multiserver web hosting solution. It has many advanced features and a sophisticated billing system to automate and improve your web hosting tasks. H-Sphere was designed to work ... more about Positive Software Corporation

H-SPHERE / Platform Version: 2.4.2 Patc
H-SPHERE / Price: $112.5
H-SPHERE / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
Ensim - Ensim Pro
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Ensim Pro is the industry´s leading single-server hosting automation solution. It includes comprehensive tools that enable hosting providers to create, control and deliver a variety of ... more about Ensim

Ensim Pro / Platform Version: 4.0
Ensim Pro / Price: $199
Ensim Pro / Platform: Linux, Windows
SWsoft - Plesk
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Plesk 7.5 Reloaded is the new release of the award-winning Plesk control panel software. This is the most stable and secure Plesk software for Linux and UNIX ever released and includes over 500 ... more about SWsoft

Plesk / Platform Version: 7.5 Reload
Plesk / Price: $799
Plesk / Platform: UNIX, Linux
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