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Customer Services

TheWebHostBiz Customer Services section provides a listing of technical support, help desk, and call center service providers.
KB, Help Desk & Ticketing System
TheWebHostBiz KB, Help Desk & Ticketing System section provides access to a plethora of customer support solutions including bug and call tracking tools and email response systems.
Outsourced Technical Support
TheWebHostBiz Outsourced Tech Supportsection provides a listing of technical support, help desk, and call center service providers for businesses seeking to outsource their technical support.

Customer Services FAQs

Customer Services Articles
What kind of outsourcing companies can I expect to find on this site?
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Managing Outsourcing Relationships: Beating the Backlash
While virtually every business now relies on information technology (IT) to help provide services ...
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Recent trends in software development market show that it is no longer the most efficient way to ...

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