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Web Hosting Articles

Welcome to TheWebHostBiz Articles - a comprehensive collection of articles related to every aspect of web hosting and other related areas. TheWebHostBiz Articles offers something of interest to everyone, whether you are a complete web hosting novice, or a seasoned web hosting professional with years of experience under your belt.

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Web Hosting Solutions (42 articles submitted)
Find articles on a range of issues related to Web Hosting Solutions. Whether you are interested in reseller software, or starting business as a reseller, or even looking to find out how to evaluate resellers, TheWebHostbiz will have an article that meets your needs.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Measuring Your Website`s web-host performance Anna 02/28/2018 (1629 views)
Disaster Recovery- Cloud Backup Services PritiSheti 10/05/2017 (3551 views)
A known technology - Cloud Data Warehouse! PritiSheti 09/28/2017 (2757 views)
Data Center Trends in 2017 PritiSheti 09/22/2017 (2693 views)
Data Center Disaster Recovery - Power is very crucial factor! PritiSheti 09/14/2017 (2677 views)
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Billing Solutions (2 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Billing Solutions provides access to essential account and billing management tools from the industry`s top software makers. Here enjoy a range of articles offering information and advice on this topic.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Internet Payment Systems: A review on alternate online payment systems Vinny Alex 10/01/2007 (7075 views)
Merchant Account Implementation Guide for Web Hosting Providers Chris West 10/01/2007 (4724 views)

Domain Names (5 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Domain Name Wholesalers directory is a listing of the industry`s top domain registrars and domain wholesalers. Find a range of articles here covering issues related to this topic.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Domain Extensions: Will the New TLDs Become Mainstream? PritiSheti 10/26/2016 (1613 views)
Domains and Domain Name Registration - The good, the bad and the ugly lmodesto 06/02/2015 (2831 views)
The reason why register several extensions for your web site? Sastahost 01/08/2015 (2987 views)
Common Mistakes When Registering Domain Names dotservant 02/25/2008 (9385 views)
Reselling Domain Names Lois S. 10/01/2007 (4643 views)

Web Hosting Community (2 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Web Hosting Directory is a listing of searchable sources for web hosting service providers. Read a range of articles covering this area.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Colocation and Cloud Computing are Closely Associated PritiSheti 01/27/2017 (1847 views)
Promote Your Web Hosting Business Through Web Hosting Directory Sites Charnchon Lavitrangsima 10/01/2007 (5167 views)

Web Promotion (8 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Web Promotion directories provides access to tools for marketing and advertising your business such as Marketing and Online Brokerage Advertising services, Affiliate Networks and Banner Exchanges, Search Engine Marketing, Web Hosting Directories, and Traffic Exchange services. Find here a range of articles covering Web promotion.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Web Hosting Business Part 1 Ispas Marin 10/01/2007 (4671 views)
Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Web Ispas Marin 10/01/2007 (2624 views)
Web Hosting Needs More Bloggers Mitch Keeler 10/01/2007 (4151 views)
Alternative Promotion Techniques for Hosting Companies Admin 10/01/2007 (4250 views)
How to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing Admin 10/01/2007 (4146 views)
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Hosting Automation (4 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz`s Hosting Automation section lists web hosting control panels software and the full web hosting automation suites. Read our articles on all aspects of Hosting Automation.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
An Insight On How The Web Is An Enormous Open Source Success Of All NehaKhanna 07/21/2014 (3588 views)
Control Panel Round Up Mitch Keeler 10/01/2007 (5493 views)
How To Set Up The Backend Of Your Web Hosting Business Eric Holmlund 10/01/2007 (5729 views)
Web Hosting Automation Tools for the Customer David Dockhorn 10/01/2007 (4698 views)

Customer Services (4 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Tech Support directories provide a listing of technical support, help desk, and call center service providers. Here read a range of articles covering a number of related topics.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Is It Worth to Outsource? How One Can Outsource Wisely Alex Polonski 10/01/2007 (5671 views)
Managing Outsourcing Relationships: Beating the Backlash Suresh Srinivasan 10/01/2007 (5948 views)
Outsourcing Quiz: Cheap vs. Good Alex Polonski 10/01/2007 (5563 views)
Strategic Outsourcing: Testing the Outsourcing Waters and Staying Afloat Jenne Watson 10/01/2007 (4524 views)

Web Design Solutions (3 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Web Design directory offers a wide array of companies with web design and graphic design services. Here enjoy a range of articles covering key issues related to web design.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
The Need to Have Website Design Services Kristing Llabres 10/01/2007 (4231 views)
The Secret Ingredients for the `Right` Company Logo Renée Biancolin 10/01/2007 (4417 views)
Why Use a Web Design Template? Julia Jackson 10/01/2007 (6100 views)

Software & Hardware (2 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz offers information on essential software for web hosting solutions providers. Here find a range of articles covering the nature and performance of the software and hardware you need to be successful.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Why Open Source Software Development Amar Jyoti 10/01/2007 (4083 views)
Linux Power Tools - Great Tool Amar Jyoti 10/01/2007 (4512 views)

Business Tools (8 articles submitted)
TheWebHostBiz Business Tools directories offer access to listings of service providers for companies seeking infrastructure setup services such as toll free numbers, Internet fax providers, US bank account providers, mail forwarding services and US Company Incorporation. The following articles cover a range of these issues.

Article Author Posted Viewed Rating
Starting a Web Hosting Business 101 Mitty Chang 10/01/2007 (5541 views)
The More, The Better. Why Web Hosts Should Spread Their Customers Across Servers Amar Jyoti 10/01/2007 (5059 views)
Web Host Ethics Richard Lowe 10/01/2007 (4727 views)
Be Nice to Web Hosting Support Mitch Keeler 10/01/2007 (4234 views)
Customer Satisfaction Is Your Business Bob Leduc 10/01/2007 (9116 views)
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