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TheWebHostBiz Database directory offers a wide variety of databases like SQL, mySQL and Oracle from a range of reputable companies.

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Bluestream - Streamstore
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The low-level database storage technology that lies at the core of XStreamDB is available separately as an embeddable library for Java applications. Streamstore is a pure Java embeddable record ... more about Bluestream

Streamstore / Version: 2
Streamstore / Price: $600
Streamstore / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
Streamstore / Features: StreamStore is a compact, embeddable database engine for direct Java object storage. It combines ...
Bluestream - XStreamDB
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XStreamDB native XML database has one of the first commercial implementations of XQuery for XML databases, with extensions for update and full text search. Supported platforms for XStreamDB native ... more about Bluestream

XStreamDB / Version: 3.2
XStreamDB / Price: $500
XStreamDB / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
XStreamDB / Features: * XQuery * Indexing * FullTextSearch * Pure Java Server * Schema ...
Microsoft - Access
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Access 2003 provides a powerful set of tools that are sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users. Create or use powerful database solutions that make ... more about Microsoft

Access / Version: 2003
Access / Price: $229
Access / Platform: Windows
Access / Features: Access and Use Information from Multiple Sources Use information from a variety of formats and ...
Microsoft - SQL Server 2000
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SQL Server 2000 exceeds dependability requirements and provides innovative capabilities that increase employee effectiveness, integrate heterogeneous IT ecosystems, and maximize capital and operating ... more about Microsoft

SQL Server 2000 / Version: Enterprise
SQL Server 2000 / Price: $19999
SQL Server 2000 / Platform: Windows
SQL Server 2000 / Features: Analysis (OLAP) Services Closed-Loop Analysis Data Mining Data Transformation Services Data ...
Oracle - Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
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Oracle Database Enterprise Edition offers industry-leading scalability and reliability in both clustered and single-system configurations. It provides the most-comprehensive features for OLTP and ... more about Oracle

Oracle Database Enterprise Edition / Version: 10g
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition / Price: $40000
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition / Platform: UNIX, Linux
Oracle Database Enterprise Edition / Features: # High performance business intelligence services such as ETL, data warehousing, OLAP, and data ...
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MySQL has become the most popular open source database and the fastest growing database in the industry. This is based on its dedication to providing a less complicated solution suitable for ... more about MySQL

MySQL / Version: 4.1
MySQL / Price: $1583
MySQL / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
MySQL / Features: * Improve application reliability and uptime by using certified software * Save time and ...
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