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Customer Services - KB, Help Desk & Ticketing System

TheWebHostBiz Customer Support software directory provides access to a plethora of customer support solutions including bug and call tracking tools and email response systems.

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AUHost4u - 24/7 Support
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24/7/365 FREE Technical and Sales Support.

24/7 Support / Version: Not specified
24/7 Support / Price: -
24/7 Support / Platform: Not specified
24/7 Support / Features: Not specified...
AUHost4u - Knowledge Base
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FREE Knowledge base

Knowledge Base / Version: Not specified
Knowledge Base / Price: -
Knowledge Base / Platform: Not specified
Knowledge Base / Features: Not specified...
TechExcel - TechExcel Help Desk
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TechExcel HelpDesk simply a better and more complete internal help desk software solution with built-in employee Web portal, asset and knowledge management, and complete workflow customization ... more about TechExcel

TechExcel Help Desk / Version: Not specified
TechExcel Help Desk / Price: $449
TechExcel Help Desk / Platform: Windows
TechExcel Help Desk / Features: TechExcel HelpDesk gives you complete control over every aspect of your Information Technology ...
SmarterTools - SmarterTicket
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Provide streamlined support in an organized fashion and self-service help for your customers!SmarterTicket 2.x will revolutionize the way you deal with customers. Licensing starts at just $199.

SmarterTicket / Version: 2.x
SmarterTicket / Price: $199
SmarterTicket / Platform: Windows
SmarterTicket / Features: Features that Benefit End Users * Issues resolve faster, and none fall through the cracks ...
ActiveCampaign - SupportTrio
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SupportTrio is an integrated support solution that effectively manages and controls your support traffic. Your visitors enjoy high level support with fast and accurate responses.

SupportTrio / Version: 1.3
SupportTrio / Price: $279
SupportTrio / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
SupportTrio / Features: Ticketing Overview Web Based Setup Wizard Central Language File Full CSS ...
Kayako - eSupport
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Do you use multiple scripts to handle your customer support? eSupport has a powerful and unique customer support center where your clients can go through existing knowledgebase articles, ... more about Kayako

eSupport / Version: 3.2
eSupport / Price: $299.95
eSupport / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows
eSupport / Features: This is a fully featured help desk solution that will completely automate all tech support ...
WebGroup Media - Cerberus Helpdesk
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Cerberus Helpdesk, handles mission critical e-mail management for over 7,170 companies worldwide -- from one-person startups to Fortune 500 giants. And while it doesn`t trap your experts inside a ... more about WebGroup Media

Cerberus Helpdesk / Version: 2.4
Cerberus Helpdesk / Price: $350
Cerberus Helpdesk / Platform: Linux, Windows
Cerberus Helpdesk / Features: Customizable Ticket Views Teach Cerberus exactly what information you want and how you want it ... - Flextic
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Flextic is a helpdesk management application based on a ticket system, one of the most elastic and feature-packed live support packages. Many personalization functions, easy to use client interfaces ... more about

Flextic / Version: 4.2
Flextic / Price: $60
Flextic / Platform: UNIX, Linux, Windows, Others
Flextic / Features: Simple Installation Procedure Management of Groups and licences Management of users and ...
Polar - Polar Help Desk
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Polar Help Desk is a web based solution that helps you organize support department. With its features like incident management, knowledge base, email integration, reports and user friendly ... more about Polar

Polar Help Desk / Version: 4.1
Polar Help Desk / Price: $200
Polar Help Desk / Platform: Windows
Polar Help Desk / Features: Polar Help Desk is a web based solution that helps you organize support department. With its ...
NetResults Corporation - ProblemTracker
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ProblemTracker is a powerful, easy-to-use Web-based collaboration tool to help companies track business issues and automatically manage them through to resolution. * Bug tracking, defect ... more about NetResults Corporation

ProblemTracker / Version: 5.5
ProblemTracker / Price: $240
ProblemTracker / Platform: Windows
ProblemTracker / Features:
  • Web-based Architecture
  • Concurrent Multi-language Support
  • Multiple Time Zone ...
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