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Nixu NameSurfer Suite

from Nixu

Nixu Nixu NameSurfer Suite is a proven DNS and IP address management solution from Nixu, the world`s leading DNS software specialist. It provides secure tools for DNS, DHCP, and IP address management.

Nixu NameSurfer Suite provides excellent scalability, performance, and reliability. Since 1996, it has delivered 100% DNS uptime to our customers - some of whom manage hundreds of thousands of name entries and tens of thousands of zones.

Nixu NameSurfer Suite Information
Platforms:UNIX, Linux, Windows
System Requirements:Not specified
Features:# Familiar line-based view to DNS data # Batch creation of multiple host entries # Input automation with zone serial number and reverse IP address updates # Automated validation of DNS data (error and consistency checks) # Support for DNS Views # ENUM Support # Support for BIND versions 4, 8, and 9 # Configuration utility for remote secondary servers # DHCP integration
Price & License Details:The licensing of Nixu NameSurfer Suite is based on the number of unique IP addresses within customer's DNS installation. Standard licensing in nutshell: * Covers DNS, DHCP, and IPAM modules + SQL backend by Solid Technologies (DHCP & IPAM being configuration options) * Optional High-Availability module * Starts from 1.000 IP addresses * Scales all the way to unlimited license

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