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efax plus

from j2 Global Communications, Inc.

j2 Global Communications, Inc. eFax Plus gives you what you don`t get from a fax machine. Instant fax access. When someone sends you a fax, it gets routed to your inbox. No waiting at the fax machine or hassles with old-fashioned fax modems. Sending faxes is just as easy

efax plus Information
Setup Fee:$12.95
Price:$12.95/Month, $139.95/Year
Price & License Details:Inbound and outbound service. Subscribers can select the area code where their inbound number is allocated. Monthly subscription for inbound is $12.95 in the US. Service provided in many countries outside the US. Requires a proprietary viewer to view faxes.
Instant Online Setup:Yes
Receive Fax in Email:Yes
Compose and send Fax via email:Yes
Compose and send Fax via web browser:Yes
Toll Free Fax Number:Yes
Listen to Fax Header:No
Receive Voice Mail in Email:No
Listen to Voice Mail Using Toll Free Number:Yes
Listen to Email Using Toll Free Number:Yes
Web Storage of Fax:No
Automated Fax Back:No
Fax Template/Letterhead Feature:No
Tech Support:Yes
Free Trial:No
Customizable Greeting Message:Yes
Availability of number in City/Country:Not specified
Additional Service:Not specified

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