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Hosting Controller

from Hosting Controller

Hosting Controller Hosting Controller is the pioneer software for Windows web hosting automation and is proud to keep its tradition with the announcement of Hosting Controller v.6.1 which is multi-lingual, XP Style, skin-based, XML driven control panel for Windows web hosting!

Hosting Controller Information
Free Trial:Yes
Price & License Details:
1 Server$500
5 Server$2125
10 Servers$3500
System Requirements:Hosting Controller is a complete hosting automation tool for Windows NT/2000/2003 servers.
Features:DNS Management
Web Server Management
Mail Server Management
Database Server Management
FTP Server Management
Customer/Reseller/Plan Management
Resources Quota Management
SSL Management
Ticketing System
Frontpage Extentions
Script Management (ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, Perl)
Bundled Scripts & Applications:Not specified
Utilities:Not specified

Hosting Controller Reviews
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You are being too kind
by John Mahn - April 2, 2011

It's much worse than that. I installed 6 licenses of this product, it took-me a week to make the sh.t work as I expected.
It's insecure, one of the machines was invaded a month later.
Disrespectful support requires you to give them your Administrator accounts and full RDP access! and if you (obviously) require them to use some screen sharing solution, they will charge USD 100/hour for support. Is by far the worst support I have ever imagined in my wildest fantasies after my 25 years as IT.

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